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Impeccable Customer service

I meant to order the EDP platform for my nephew. I received the confirmation email and realized I ordered the wrong platform. So I followed the steps sent a text message to the number provided and before I could sit my phone down I received a text back saying “I can edit your order for you”. I asked if I need to change anything. They said no, you are all good. So I went into my e mail to see if my order was updated, to my surprise customer service already updated the order within a few minutes of me placing the original order. Really impressed with them on how they handle there customers. Will definitely buy from them again.

Covert Lite Saddle
Casey Drader
Saddle Review

Awesome saddle especially for the price! Very comfortable and very adjustable! Made leaps and bounds of advancements from the ambush!


Trophyline knocked this out of the park! Awesome pack. Lots of storage and very comfortable.

Covert Pro Saddle Kit
Caleb Villars
Amazing Product!

This is my first saddle. I have been practicing shooting everyday since getting it. Amazing product. Plenty of loops for accessories. It is so comfortable. I went and sat in it for 2 hours straight the first day and had absolutely no hip pinch. I would highly recommend!

The Wingman Platform
Rick StHilaire

Have only used in the yard. So far I love it can’t wait to use it in the field. Quality product

Great Pouch

Pouch fits on my saddle perfectly and has plenty of room to store my tether!

Venatic Pouch
Daniel Smith
Venatic pouch

I love everything about it. It’s light weight and opens and closes easy. You guys did an awesome job

The Platow Pack
Jacob Wilson

I bought this last season and also the CAYS. Have no complaints to any but I def use the Platow more. Ricks all of the boxes for my set up. Plus I can reach around and detach my platform and sticks so easily. I’d buy it again if I had to. Great pack!

Covert Lite Saddle
Rick Kuehl
Covert lite

Have only used it for practice with my bow, but it’s very comfortable, easy to use and plenty of Molle loops for adding more accessories. Looking forward to many hunts in it this fall!

Covert Lite Saddle
Fernando Carrera
Covert lite

I love everything about it. I just wish i had color options. Customer service is amazing. Never used another brand but i dont think i will either as long as they keep doing what they are doing.

Venatic Saddle

Trophyline knocked it out of the park with the design of the venatic! It’s super lightweight, comfortable, and high quality material. Highly recommend getting in one today!

Pouch review

Very nice pouch fits good on the saddle with ample room for tether and bridge ropes.

Great Compact Size Pouch

This is a great little pouch that is compact and makes no noise getting into. Perfect for holding your line-mans rope or tether rope. Might even get another one to run in the back of my saddle.

Awesome set up.

Being a first time saddle user this whole set up is easy to use and rock solid. Very impressed.

Perfect Size for a Pouch!

This pouch has plenty of room for my rope and another strap for my platform! My only concern is the metal on the zipper, it is a little loud. I ended up removing the zipper tab and putting the small TL rope from the zipper handle on them. Works perfect!

Compact and Plenty of Room!

I won the EDP platform at the Working Class Bowhunter shewt this year and I have been playing around with this platform and this one is amazing! There is plenty of foot room and grip for my feet! It packs away in my pack perfectly!

Comfortable and Well Built! USA Made!

Very first initial hang I was a little worried about the hip pinching....BUT once I figured out where to have the lower adjusters set to equalize the pressure, this thing is AMAZING! I have bad lower back pain and the extra height in this saddle, it supports my lower back really well! Also note - the square pouch is really nice however I cut the metal zipper tabs off and used the rope loop that was already attached to the zipper! Zipper metal was clinging. Keep up the great work TL!

Great product!

I love it! Enjoy the products! Would love to see a one stick method in the future!

Covert Lite Saddle
Sean Livermore
Love it

Great saddle! Very comfortable durable and customer service was great!

Covert Lite Saddle Kit
Christopher Rinehart
Covert Lite

Bought the covert Lite saddle, the first one cam in with frayed stitches. Contacted trophyline and they had another one ready to go, with no hassle! Started climbing in the saddle and am enjoying it. Looking forward to using it this season. Tip: cut the metal zippers off and use rope.

The Mission Platform
Curt Smith
New strap

Love the platform! It is amazingly stable and plenty big enough to move around or rest on. The teeth on the buckle strap suck and don’t grip the strap very well

Covert Pro Saddle Kit
Country Outdoors

Can’t wait to hang off the side of a tree in this thing!

The EDP Platform
Nicholas Brand
Great investment

This is my second saddle set up and my first from trophyline. Very pleased with trophy line. Comfortable saddle, great ropes, and the edp platform is top notch. 100% satisfied, would definitely recommend

Go To!

I’ve tried a number of platforms and one stick options. The wingman is my favorite and this will be my second season using it. It’s the right size, comfortable, and rock solid. I attached a 3 step aider and one stick with it. Hard to imagine a more efficient system for me!


So this is my wife and myselfs first year saddle hunting and I originally intended to use wild edge stepps as our platform but they ended up hurting her feet. So we started looking for a platform and settled on the mission over everything else. We are both on the heavier side. Me personally being 275 so I was worried about feeling sturdy or comfortable on a platform. Well let me tell you what.... this felt beyond secure, Sturdy, Comfortable and most important I felt safe. It's large and worth every penny. Might even buy myself one now that I've used hers. Buy it, you won't be upset.