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The Platow Pack
Justin Melton
Perfect Saddle Pack

This pack is perfect for saddle set ups. It has enough straps to easily mount your sticks, platform and saddle to the outside of the pack. The inside of the pack is surprisingly larger than expected. I was able to fit all my hunting essentials in this pack with plenty of room to spare. The pack is built to last.

Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle Kit
Montana nutter
Great saddle kit!

Great kit for the money! The saddle is super comfortable with tons of adjustable features.

The Mission Platform
Montana nutter
Packed down and ready for season!

This pack is perfect for getting everything you need to the tree efficiently! Plenty pockets, and packs very comfortable!

EZ Aider Lite
Clay William

Game changer. I had other aiders that were too bulky to fit in my pack & smaller ones that were poor quality. The Ez Aider is the perfect size & is extremely strong & sturdy for its size. Super easy setup. I plan to purchase a few more once they are back in stock.

Trophyline Bow Sling
Clay William
Bow Sling

Hands down the best quality bow sling for its price. Fits well on my bow and seems to be a strong material so far. Highly recommend for someone getting their first bow sling.

EZ Aider Lite
Greg Brown
Awesome aider

This aider is very strong and sturdy. I purchased a single aider for the “no swing”action. It’s perfect to help give extra height. I use two on my bottom two steps and without much effort can get 20 ft with 5 beast mini sticks. I could stretch on out and get higher if needed. I am 6’2 225lbs. 59 years young!

The Platow Pack
Chase Hamby
Platow Pack

So far I think the Platow Pack is 100xs better than the backpack I used to pack my platform and sticks with last year. The material is definitely of high quality fabric that allows for ultra quietability. The pack is not to big and bulky and the weight distribution is incredible, taking alot of weight off of the shoulders, all wile having plenty of storage capacity. I think I'm going to be set for years to come. Can't wait until Oct 1st to put it to the final test and get in the woods! I give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ all the way!

Back Band
Jeremy Kresge
Back band

Glad I bought it, it's very comfortable and gives you enough support for long sits. Definitely recommended

The EDP Platform
Justin Carrico
EDP Platform

Excellent platform!!!

Palisade EVA Pack
Travis Farling
EVA Pack

Totally awesome pack. Very high quality and fit all my gear perfectly 💪

First saddle

This is my first saddle. First off the ground system. That being said I’m super excited I bought this. My first outing was a full day trip 2 4hr sits and a bit of walking. It was fairly comfortable and quiet enough that my buddy didn’t hear me set it up 30 yards away. It was quick to get up and down. It is a very user friendly kit for a beginner. However they sent me the wrong saddle now that I’m looking at the one I ordered.

The EDP Platform
Jonathan Mitchell

Great solid platform. Lots of feet room.

Palisade EVA Pack
Travis Dreyer
Pockets for days

I like the well thought out organizational pockets. Plenty of spaces to get things well laid out for being in the field. My only issue is the zippers are pretty loud, making it a worry when I'm trying to stay silent.

E.S. Thigh Rig
Aldo Gonzalez
Small and handy… but….

It is a great rig, it does exactly what I wanted. There’s a lot to like, but the things I didn’t like were: the clips are noisy, once you close them and load the rig with all the gear, the weight and the movement makes a squeaky noise, annoying and will give you away during hunting, I had to scuff up the plastic rounded surfaces in order to make the noise stop. The mesh on the side of it could be better, it ripped easily, it’s not shredded but I wish it would have lasted longer.

Excellent equipment and service!

This is an amazing setup! It’s easy to use and bring my hunts to a new level! I would recommend it to everyone! Also the service and delivery is top notch!

Casey V.

Ropeman 1

Game changer. Easy to setup and allows for quick, silent movement with one hand in the tree.

Venatic Saddle Kit
Carter Saunders

Love this saddle!

Comfortable, works great

It’s comfortable to wear, works very well

Knee Savers
Montahna Riener
Great Pads

Good padding, great quality as well. Very comfortable and help movement in the tree and keeps the knees in good shape

The C.A.Y.S 2.0 Backpack
Montahna Riener
Great Pack & Service

Great pack so far, holds my saddle , platform, sticks and all my other **** as advertised, came quick and packaged well. With the military discount it was an even better bargain than it already was. Definitely upgrading to their saddle system some day!

The Platow Pack
cody simpson

The Platow Pack

Great sticks.

Practiced quite a bit with these sticks. Nice, light, and very packable. Only thing I would say that would improve them is a different designed standoff that comes down over the stick itself to prevent it from twisting. Overall I’m very happy other than that one thing.

Best rope ever

Really thin and light weight, very easy to pack away.

Covert pro kit

Great saddle build quality is excellent I bought the covert pro 2.0 kit , mini sticks, and edp platform all of which are great products! The customer service is also excellent I've gotten a very quick and helpful response Everytime I will definitely be doing business with trophyline again!

Adjusts with ease

Used the duck ascender all season so far and it amazes me how big of a difference it makes to be such a simple tool.