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It’s quality

Ever since I found Trophyline I’ve been impressed with the quality of product and ease of use.

Knee Savers
Jacob Robinson
Love these.

Ive used a couple of the more expensive brands of knee pads, but something about the way these are padded is just way more comfortable for me. These are my favorite so far.

Perfect Bag

Great bag for mobile hunting with the Mission platform and 4 sticks. Plenty of room to securely carry all your hunting gear.

Perfect Bundle

Great product. Definitely worth the money.

The Onyx Platform
Steven Assmann

I have not had the opportunity to use my platform. It looks great, and appears to be well constructed. It is lightweight and I look forward to using it.

Strong, light, and Easy to Use

Great design and product! Whether as a platform or a seat (low height), it fits the bill!

Great stuff

Really good quality from the vintage line

Trophyline TechCore Rope
Edwin Steinke
Great compact rope

Great rope for any collection of gear.

Best small framed backpack for hauling meat out of the woods

I purchased he Sumpter Pack after struggling to carry my deer meat for 4.5 miles. A small framed backpack is the way to go. The sumpter Pack is rugged and includes a meat sling for hind legs, etc. plenty of space for my platform, ropes, and sticks.

TL Wingman

Some cobra weave, a rope mod and this platform is better than I imagined.Glad I finally purchased one.


I love my covert lite saddle and trophyline has hands down the best customer service

The Onyx Platform
jeff vincent
a great addition

i started with the Mission Platform and recently bought the Onyx. Both are exceptional and I will be using both.

The C.A.Y.S 2.0 Backpack
Mario Cardenas

Great product

The Onyx Platform
James Williams
Great platform

Super stable, very comfortable

The Mission Platform
david wilson
Mission Platform

Exactly what I expected it to be. Couple of pounds heavier than smaller ones. Big deal, are saddle hunters weak? Wish the strap was a little longer.

Venatic Pouch
Derrick Starke
Light weight and lots of room!

This pouch pairs perfectly with my Venatic saddle! It’s lite as a feather and fits both my lineman’s and tether perfectly with a little room to spare!


E.S. Thigh Rig
Austin Kantola

Great for quick trips or scouting missions

Trophyline Hand Muff
Brad Nichols
Average but expected more

After using it for a full season, liked the hand muff but not over excited. Made som personal modifications that helped. My biggest complaint is how small the openings are for hands. Struggle to get my hands in even without release and to get my sleeve in so there would not be a gap was 2 hand operation. Also the size, it’s pretty warm but is pretty puffy and makes hard to pack. Plus side does make a good pillow during sit.
-Cut hand opening elastic to make easier one hand operation.
-A way to connect the muff directly to saddle or bridge loops and remove the belt. I added some small hooks to the belt and cut the remaining belt off. Could add 2 small loops above the hand opening to be used for carabiner or some clip. Similar to the loop at bottom to connect to tether.

The Sling Pack
Karen Jasper
Sling pack

Awesome fit. Lots of storage


Extremely comfortable. And light weight. 10/10 recommended trophyline

Sumpter Frame Pack
Christopher Leppert
Dang good pack!

I’ve taken this pack hunting once so far and didn’t get to haul a deer out with it.

So I can’t comment on that particular capability. Literally every other part is a home run. It held my one stick and the onyx like a dream. All my filming gear. My saddle. You name it. Plus water and other things.

It’s also been great for post season scouting!

I’d like to see some slight modifications on the load carrying (meat) but honestly this is a darn good pack.

Palisade EVA Pack
Stephen Pullen
Great pack

I had the C.A.Y.S and then bought this one. I like it a lot better than my other one. I like the no sag in it. I’m starting to film my hunts so the packs really does a good job protecting everything. I don’t have a bunch of equipment but I still have room for it and whatever I need to carry out. If it was bigger I’d just be carrying stuff I don’t need and who wants the extra weight. The side straps would be a bit longer but my skeletor have no problem strapping down. It sits and carries better than I thought without a waist belt. I’d recommend it.

The Mission Platform
jeff vincent
Mission Platform

My first platform, I recently purchased the Onyx as well, both are awesome and i feel just as secure on these as i did on any climber or lock-on I have hunted on. I plan to use both throughout next season.

Venatic Saddle Kit
jeff vincent
The Way to Hunt

I spent years hunting from climbers and lock-ons. Once you try this, those will become secondary.