Knee Savers

New and Improved

Trophylines Knee Savers are the final step in comfort when using any of our Trophyline Tree Saddles. A set of Knee Savers can quickly and quietly be put on over your exterior clothing and be adjusted to fit anyone. These heavily padded Knee Savers will allow you to sit for long periods with your knees against the tree.  


➡ Easy on-Easy Off Straps with quick snap buckles.

➡ Soft Rubber cap.

➡ Extra foam padding for all day comfort.

➡ Thigh Strap is Elastic and moves with your body.

➡ Calf Strap is fixed webbing for secure placement.

➡ Straps are extra long to go over layers of clothing in colder months when needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Kolton Davis
Knee Pads and Saddle

Got the covert saddle for Christmas. Deeply in love with yalls product. I did extensive research and yall’s company stood out to me. I will continue to buy the great products y’all make. Thank y’all for creating such a different hunting experience for us customers!

Aaron Meeks

a must have if you saddle hunt!

Knee saver says it all!

Great product, light weight and quiet. Does a great job saving the knees especially on those all day hunts.

Nathaniel Lambeth
Trophyline Knee Pads

I have been a saddle hunter for over 20 years. I used Greens Tree Saddles before the current owners everb thought about tree saddles. For the most part I have been very pleased with the Trophyline products. I bought a pair of Trophyline knee pads last year. This year they began to come usewned. The straps are just sewn into the knee pad with about 1/4 inch of strap below the surface material. I feel that this is a major design flaw. The manufacture should know these straps are going to be tightened and loosened on a regular basis. The design would be much better if the strap was continuous from the female buckle through the knee pad and sewn continuously. Ten when used it would spread out the load. If Trophyline doesn't make a change to this product it will damage their good product name. There are better knee pads on the market. I am sorry to have to give this product a poor review. I believe the manufacture will correct this design flaw with a new and improved model. I re-sewed the strap for now.

Ryan Defillipi
Nice product

Lightweight and comfortable