Trophyline Hand Muff

When it comes to saddle hunting, the details matter…even the smallest gear additions can be monumental for a hunt. Enter the Trophyline Hand Muff,  this year’s winner for“most undervalued gear”needed for a saddle hunter. When we start grinding through cold fronts, frosty mornings, or frozen late-season afternoons, a hand muff can save the hunt. Everyone knows that our hands can be left vulnerable and without a home when saddle hunting, so we’ve designed the muff to attach to the carabiner from the tether. This offers a natural placement of your hands when leaning or sitting from a saddle. It also offers the perfect place to zip your phone up for easy access, attach gear to the molle,  and believe it or not,a saddle hunting pillow… don’t knock it till you try it! A small, lightweight, packable item, but a big win for mobile hunters. 

  • Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Camo 

  • Warm Fleece Lined Pocket

  • Molle Rows for additional attachments 

  • Water Resistant Storage Pocket 

  • Adjustable quick detach belt 

  • Carabiner attachment Point to Connect to Tree Tether/Bridge

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Bill Chapman
Hand muff A must!!!!

Just got my new trophyline hand muff in the mail, it is awesome!!!! Fits great, I love the zipper pouch on the front, and it’s extremely warm….great design!!!! Highly recommend if your looking for a way to keep your hands warm this winter!!!

The little things that count!

Perfect addition to my saddle set up, nothing worse than hands getting cold on an early morning/all day sit. Little accessory pouch comes in handy when you’re trying to minimize your gear!

Warm, Worth the purchase

I use this during the cold season and it helps keep fingers warm and ready

Brad Nichols
Average but expected more

After using it for a full season, liked the hand muff but not over excited. Made som personal modifications that helped. My biggest complaint is how small the openings are for hands. Struggle to get my hands in even without release and to get my sleeve in so there would not be a gap was 2 hand operation. Also the size, it’s pretty warm but is pretty puffy and makes hard to pack. Plus side does make a good pillow during sit.
-Cut hand opening elastic to make easier one hand operation.
-A way to connect the muff directly to saddle or bridge loops and remove the belt. I added some small hooks to the belt and cut the remaining belt off. Could add 2 small loops above the hand opening to be used for carabiner or some clip. Similar to the loop at bottom to connect to tether.

Mike Hart

It looks really nice but if I didn’t get it on sale, I’d be sending it back. Holes or very tight and there’s not that much insulation for as big as it is.