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DAWN-2-DUSK - Complete Saddle Hunting Kit

A kit built for Dawn-2-Dusk luxury. This complete saddle hunting kit is built for comfort both while hunting and carrying all your gear in. Featuring every piece of gear you need for hunting an all-day sit with ease.

    Complete Saddle Hunting Kit Includes:
    • Covert Pro 2.0 Saddle Kit
    • CAYS 2.0 Pack
    • Onyx Platform
    • Double Step Mini Climbing Sticks
    • Knee Savers
    • Back Band

    Customer Reviews

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    Daniel Boykin
    Great Package!

    I have been saddle hunting with a hybrid for three years now. I was ready for a true saddle set-up, but I didn't want to try to piece this here, and piece that there. No - If I was going to do this, I wanted it all together. Enter the Trophyline Dawn-2-Dusk. It had everything. Great sticks, knee pads, platform, back strap, saddle, and dump pouches all in an awesome backpack to carry it. The only thing I added was the EZ Aider for a little height. So far, everything has performed better than my expectations. The best part is - the 30 day trial period. Not happy with the product? Send it back - but I honestly cannot image anyone doing so. I know the price is a little steep, but I would venture to say I would have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of the same amount, but I would have spent more trying to put it all together from different sources. Trophyline did it right by saving me a ton of time.

    Awesome setup

    If your thinking about it, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.