Trophyline TechCore Rope

  • 8mm diameter
  • 8 ft long
  • Weight: 6oz
  • 8,600+ lb breaking strength
  • Polyester jacket and dyneema core strands
  • Factory 5" sewn eye to reduce bulk
  • Heated sealed ends
  • Stopper knot
  • Atlantic Braids 5/16" Static Prusik rope
  • 3800 lb Breaking Strength on prusik rope
  • Comes with one Black Diamond Carabiner
  • Can be used as tree tether or lineman rope with a simple girth hitch of the 5" eye through your lineman's loop. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent Quality

I love this rope! It's shocking how small of a bundle it fits into. You can easily throw 2 of them into a small venatic pouch. I only wish it was sold at 9 or 10 feet lengths.
Excellent product!

Travis Greene
Great Rope.

Good rope. Lightweight and durable. Highly recommend.

Rob W
Great Ropes (so far)

Haven't had the chance to use these in a hunting scenario, but so far so good. I really like the compactness of the ropes, I used to have 2 pouches, 1 for each rope, I can now condense that to 1, as these both fit into 1 pouch. Thank you Trophyline, for some great products.

Julian Eddy
Game Changer

All the gear required to saddle hunt can get bulky and heavy. Last season I decided to run two of these, one as a lineman and one as a tree tether and it was a complete game changer.
It reduced the weight of my saddle setup which helped on my hikes in and reduced the bulk significantly helping me get through the thick East Texas brush to my favorite spots.
It also made finding the gear I needed so much easier.
Pair one of these with a duck kong as your lineman and you have the dream setup.

Super Soft and Pliable

It depends what you are looking for but being super soft and pliable isn't always a good thing. I used this rope for one sticking with a kong duck and the rope was able to get around the stopper and get wedge along side of it. I can only recommend for light use and in that regard it is beautifully constructed and easy on the hands.