Trophyline TechCore Rope

Ropes are a crucial part of any mobile hunting setup. This ultralight rope is incredibly tough, while being supple enough to fit neatly in the palm of your hand.  This rope can easily be girth hitched to any saddle for use as the Lineman's Rope, eliminating the need for a second carabiner.  The soft, but strong, outer jacket provides a fantastic grip to the tree while in use as either the Lineman's Rope or Tree Tether.  
  • 8mm Diameter
  • 8' Length
  • Weight: 6oz
  • 8,600+ lb breaking strength
  • Polyester Jacket w/ Technora® Core
  • Factory 5" Sewn Eye 
  • Black Diamond Carabiner
  • Dual Purpose

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Troy Bitely
Best rope ever

Really thin and light weight, very easy to pack away.

Bill Brockett
A necessary upgrade.

It is a struggle when you find the right tree and its too big at the base to get your lineman rope around, well the TechCore eliminates that issue with its 8 foot length. Also very soft and quiet, works extremely well with a KONG DUCK. I will not be using a prusik to climb ever again. Highly recommend!

Caleb Guidebeck
Great rope

New to saddle hunting but I would definitely recommend this rope. Easy to hang, easy to hook into, solid against the tree and very durable!

Brad Strope
Should have purchase sooner.

These ropes are so much lighter due to being smaller in diameter. They are more pliable, flexible and easy to work with. You definitely lose bulk with these ropes in a pouch. Highly recommend.

Milton Grass
Techcore rope

I love the light weight make up mod the ropes. I’m new to saddle hunting but the light weight ability to be in the tree is great but the Safety Factors of always never being without a connection puts my wife and family at ease. With 4 sticks, saddle and all connections. I’m at 16.8 lbs. that’s amazing.