Venatic Saddle


The Next Generation of Saddles is Here. USA MADE – Ultralight saddle hunting refined…The most comfortable saddle you will ever sit in and one of the lightest in existence, meet the VENATIC SADDLE. A saddle designed to push you further and hang longer…a saddle designed to let you HUNT…designed to let you BE MOBILE.

  • Weight: 20 oz for saddle (without the bridge), 30 oz (includes bridge/carabiner),
  • Rubberized Waistband
  • Raptor Waist and leg strap buckles
  • Ultralight Ripstop Fabric Construction
  • Rigid Rubber Molle Band
  • Two bands of additional Molle
  • Saddle Compression Hook
  • Durable Foldback lineman loops
  • Adjustable Waist Buckle and Band Position
  • 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond Carabiner

Ultralight saddle hunting refined…

M/L: waist size 28-38
L/XL: waist size 39 – 44+
Rubberized Waistband
We put a rubberized waistband on the Venatic to keep the saddle in position and keep your hunting layers from riding up.
Ultralight Ripstop Fabric
Ultralight ripstop fabric, a rugged, silent, breathable and quick dry material. This gives the saddle the comfort, safety, and durability in the most lightweight construction possible.
Rigid Rubber Molle Band
The Rigid rubber molle band is straight up TOUGH MOLLE that keeps its form and is easier to run gear out of.
Durable Foldback Lineman Loops
Durable yet pliable lineman loops designed to foldback preventing any snags on the hike in.
Saddle Compression Hook
A non-weight bearing strap that hooks into the rigid rubber molle, with loosened leg straps this allows the saddle to compress and stay off your legs for the hike in. Simply unhook and re-tighten leg straps before stepping foot off the ground.
Weight Capacity
300 lbs weight capacity


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Ron Estock
Venatic Review

The Venatic saddle has a couple of nice features. Bridge garage is simple and very useful feature, leg strap buckles are quick, easy and durable. The rubber lining around the inside of the saddle definitely helps it from sliding around when walking and twisting to make a shot. I have tried a couple others and this one is definitely most comfortable so far.

Neil Pendleton
Best saddle I’ve ever used!

I can’t believe how lightweight and comfortable the features are with this saddle! From the overall fit and feel down to the small details, trophy line, knocked it out of the park with this one!

Wade James
My favorite saddle to date.

I will admit 100% that I don’t necessarily “drink the juice” when it comes to saddle hunting. If you keep in mind it’s a tool and you need different tools for different jobs, you can understand and appreciate all forms. This is now my second saddle system from Trophyline, and I will say, they might have a hard time topping this one. The lightest thing I’ve used, not noisy at all, great features, and overall just an exceptional product if you’re looking to scratch that saddle itch. Pair this puppy with 2 Venatic pouches and you’re going to love every second of hanging with this beast.

Brad Strope
Game changing saddle!

After several hunts in the Venatic Saddle I can not find one bad thing to say about it. The design and craftsmanship are spot on in a light, comfortable saddle. I have not experienced any hip pinch from the Venatic and can’t wait to get back in it on the next hunt. This saddle wears so well just walking into the stand that I almost forget it’s there. The buckles are amazingly sturdy without any issue. One of many features I love about this saddle is the free waist belt that slides to help center the saddle on the body. I have recommended this saddle to many of my friends, family and colleagues. The absolute best part is the Made In The USA tag.

David Bettleyon
All Day Comfort

The saddle really is comfortable enough to sit all day.This is my first saddle so I don't have an opinion on other saddles. However this saddle is 1000% better than sitting in a typical tree stand all day long. One thing I would improve is the waist buckle has a hard time staying tight while walking to and from my stand which leads to the saddle falling off of my waist. Besides that I couldn't be happier! Also do yourself a favor and buy a ropeman ascender for your lineman's belt. I learned the hard way.