Covert Lite Saddle Kit

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced saddle hunter. The Covert is the saddle for you!  There's endless amount of fine tuning and adjustability with 33" Rope Bridge.  Giving you a full 360 degree mobility, hunting from a Trophyline Tree Saddle means you can always get into position for that perfect shot.  The Covert Lite Tree Saddle is made of high quality materials which guarantees that you can maneuver silently and give you hours of comfort without stiffness or cramping.

  • Features:

    ➡ Adjustable Waist Buckle
    ➡ Adjustable Leg Straps
    ➡ 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond   Carabiner
    ➡ Slightly taller design for a better lower back support, cupping underneath you and all day comfort
    ➡ Separate Lineman Loops
    ➡ Two rows of Molle attachment system. Some like to hang their accessories high on the saddle and others like to hang them low. We give you choices.

If you want endless amount of flexibility.

If you Want Effortless Comfort. Choose a COVERT

Hang With The Best! 

300 lbs weight capacity


M/L: waist size 28-37

L/XL: waist size 38 – 44+

All the above plus:


➡ Trophyline Covert Lite Tree Saddle
➡ Two Trophyline Accessory Pouches
➡ Trophyline Custom Tree Tether Rope with 5” Sewn eye
➡ Trophyline Custom Lineman’s Rope with sewn tight eye
➡ Black Diamond Screwgate Carabiners


 *Brand new webbing and ropes are stiff at first. They will break in with use.

Patents 8,322,488; 7,909,137; 7,051,836

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Jayson Funk
What a change to my hunting

I was torn between saddles looking online seeing reviews and after I went and saw this bundle at my local bow sop I knew I had to give it a try well I put it on in seconds felt like I was ready for anything the woods could throw at me after buying it I knew I needed to shoot my boy out of it and was it goofy at first o yeah but 3 arrows in I was drilling from all different ways with eas so quite and quick I was amazed being 6'5 and 280 I was worried about my size being a problem but I'm definitely more confident in sitting in this thing than I have felt sitting in any other tree stand I'm always to the tree going up and down if you don't think you can do it bc of age or size give it a shot it's worth the ability to move in on deer that would take you 45 mins to put a stand up to your in your spot in under 15 quitely and you can pack everything in under 10 15 lbs if you ever trust a stranger on the internet this is the one to trust it's worth every penny me and my other buddy's that have saddles plan on hunting more and harder bc we not stuck to one location

Curtis Walters
5 Star Review

Received order within the same week. Everything was packed efficiently. Equipment was relatively easy to learn for first timers.

Robert Colt

Just started into saddle hunting this year. This is my first saddle system, I like most things and during practice sessions everything is very comfortable. Downsides : zipper pouch I don’t like zippers- first time I tried to move the rope pouch on the Molle loops the button pulled apart. This just happened while trying to fine tune for this Saturday and I haven’t contacted them yet so there may be a CS review also
Over all I would buy again. With as many companies making this now I’m glad I got one that’s good to start with!

Jacob Cocke

This set up is complete and ready to go! I like it a whole lot. Fits like I expect

Jordan Clune
Covert lite

This was my first saddle, I had doubts that my back would bother me in it, since I have lower back pain about constantly, but doesn’t hurt the back at all, extremely comfortable (once you get it adjusted to how you want it) definitely recommend this to anyone