EZ Aider Lite

Climb to new heights with this single step aider from our friends at EZ Outdoors!

These aiders will help you get more height than traditional climbing sticks alone. 
The rope is 7/32” thick, as strong as amsteel, & offers over 2500 tensile strength.

The EZaider Lite is constructed with a very stiff rope that retains memory. The heavy-duty hosing at the base of the step also helps keep the loop open for easier access to rest your foot, plus the snug fit to the rope gives you extra grip with no slip.

All materials are Made in the USA

Length 22” knot down
Total Weight 2.16 oz
Tensile strength 2650 lbs

** Always check your equipment before using in the field
** You should always have 3” or more of rope above your hitch knott at all times
** Aiders are not meant to be left outside, they are to be stored away after every hunt
** Always use a Linesman's Rope when using an aider
** Always focus on 3 points of contact when climbing up and down a tree
** It is the user’s responsibility to use any rope in a safe manner
** It is recommended to retire and replace ropes every 2 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
They work great!

I recently made the switch from 3 step sticks to minis. The EZ Aider gives me a third step without the weight and bulk.

Scott Lawrence
Great addition!

A must have! Easy to attach and user friendly. Highly recommend!

Light aider

Very light and compact

Very helpful

I use these on my Hawk Helium sticks. Works great and very stable. Only down fall is I wish there was a better way to attach them to my sticks so that the steps will fold. Currently have to put on and take off wider for each use.

Travis Keith

I am using 3 step sticks at this point and are somewhat heavy so I dropped a stick and added an aider for each stick, thus eliminating the 4th. Takes a few tries to figure out how you need to navigate them but nonetheless, they are strong and add a light weight option for folks who have spent waaaay too much money on hunting this year and can’t afford the smaller light weight double step option right now.
Thanks TL for making awesome products !