DAWN-2-DUSK - Complete Saddle Hunting Kit

A kit built for Dawn-2-Dusk luxury. This complete saddle hunting kit is built for comfort both while hunting and carrying all your gear in. Featuring every piece of gear you need for hunting an all-day sit with ease.

    Complete Saddle Hunting Kit Includes:
    • Covert Pro 2.0 Saddle Kit
    • CAYS 2.0 Pack
    • Onyx Platform
    • Double Step Mini Climbing Sticks
    • Knee Savers
    • Back Band

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Keagan Perttu
    Great kit

    I’ve been wanting to get into saddle hunting and this kit makes it easy. Everything you need to go hunt.

    Justin Jameson
    Missed hunting trip

    I ordered this kit a while before I ever got it, every time I called and asked when it would be shipped they told me it would be today but that unfortunately went on for 3-4 days of them telling me it would be shipped but never would it ship! I had ordered it way in advance to my hunting trip that I had planned but with it taking well over 3 weeks to ship I had to cancel my trip and was not able to go !

    Chris Edmonds
    Awesome product

    I ordered the dusk 2 dawn complete saddle kit on Black Friday. I had the entire kit in under 5 days. Trophyline takes their packaging seriously and the layout is well thought out. The complete kit inside was everything I had hoped I was ordering. The fit and quality of the saddle was impressive as well as very comfortable. The backpack is laid out nicely and seems to be made well. I have only used the saddle once but it was easy to use and I felt very safe in it. The climbing sticks were simple to use also. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I hope the review helps anyone looking into getting into saddle hunting.

    Philip W
    New hunting toy

    Seems like a really solid kit. Tried it out in a backyard tree at low level. seems like a great new tool for my hunting arsenal only time will tell

    Justin Engmann
    Best saddle

    Definitely love the saddle kit! Everything is great quality and the space in the CAYS bag is perfect. Super happy with my purchase