Knee Savers

New and Improved

Trophylines Knee Savers are the final step in comfort when using any of our Trophyline Tree Saddles. A set of Knee Savers can quickly and quietly be put on over your exterior clothing and be adjusted to fit anyone. These heavily padded Knee Savers will allow you to sit for long periods with your knees against the tree.  


➡ Easy on-Easy Off Straps with quick snap buckles.

➡ Soft Rubber cap.

➡ Extra foam padding for all day comfort.

➡ Thigh Strap is Elastic and moves with your body.

➡ Calf Strap is fixed webbing for secure placement.

➡ Straps are extra long to go over layers of clothing in colder months when needed.

Customer Reviews

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Knew Pads

MUST HAVE! Won’t go without them!

Kurt Smith
TL knee savers

Was able to sit in a tree over the weekend for an hour or so, got to try out my new TL knee savers, very impressed and pleased, they didn't slide on me and either 2 or 1 knee on the tree, my knees felt good, and for 6'1" 275 and 58 with bad knees, that's saying a bit!

AJ Santos
Knee savers

They’re nice and the rubber traction is a nice touch. I think a different courser material such as goretex would make for less abrasion and would be nice for them to be water proof

Knee saver

Great product for people that like to rest their knees on the tree

Great products & Customer Service

These knee pads are top of line and are a must for saddle hunters. I love them for the comfort and functionality and will not go in a tree without them. I got one of the buckles stuck in my tailgate one evening after hunting and broke it. I reached out to trophyline to buy a new buckle; to my surprise they sent me a new set of knee pads instead. Great company with an awesome line of products. Highly recommend!