Saddle Hunting - Outside the Box Solutions

April 03, 2020

This past 2019 season I have gotten a lot of questions and even a few tips as other people see and have adopted all the advantages of saddle hunting. It seems there are more out of the box thinkers in hunting than most in the box thinkers thought.

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How to Get Comfortable in a Trophyline Tree Saddle

December 03, 2019

At Trophyline, we try to bring you the safest and most comfortable tree saddles we can so that your time in the field can last all day. Adjusting the tether height and waist belt and using a prusik knot are all ways you can tailor your tree saddle to be the most comfortable for you.

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Ambassador Feature: Jeff Malara

November 15, 2019

Jeff Malara is a brand ambassador for Trophyline. He has tried other tree saddles in the past, but that only lasted a few weeks before he was back in the field with a Trophyline.  “Trophyline was created by hunters who were looking for a better way,”

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Then and Now: Trophyline Updates

October 30, 2019

Trophyline, the originator of the tree saddle, is back with an updated saddle that will keep you ultra-safe and ultra-comfortable. It’s called the Ambush Lite and it still maintains the classic design we all know and love while providing some modern updates. The mesh fabric makes this saddle our most lightweight model yet and the webbing is just as strong as it's always been.
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Trophyline Tree Saddle is Back!

October 24, 2019

The Tree Saddle was born out of a family love of hunting, a desire to make a difference, and above all else, a desire to make the sport safer and more successful for mature, experienced hunters and beginning hunters alike.
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Ambassador Feature: Steven Fuller

October 16, 2019

No more just sitting in fixed stands that aren’t in the right place for that time of year, instead any tree could be the tree we climb and harvest out of. For myself and my team we think this is a tool that should be in every hunters tool belt and is a game changer. 

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