Camo Square Accessory Pouch

  • 7”H x 8”W x 2”D
  • 1 Large Zippered Pouch
  • 2 mesh outside pockets
  • Water Resistant Shell with fleece liner
  • Great for carrying and storing your Tree Tether and carabiner.
  • Molle System: Easy to attach to Tree Saddle

Customer Reviews

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Only one disappointment!

So I bought 2 of these with a PLATOW PACK because of the molle system on the belt. I’m used to molle accessory pouches usually securing through at least 2 sections of webbing at a minimum. Since the Platow Pack waist belt had the 2 rows I would “ASSUME” that the connector on the back of the pouch would be the same just to make it more secure. Well the connector on pouch is only long enough to fit through one it’ll fit through the second while being so tight that you would worry about the snap popping out. So I’m dissatisfied with how that was made to work and it should have been made longer especially with the size of the pouch being big enough. The overall size I did like and the material is super soft and quiet. The pouch overall is great with that ONE BIG EXCEPTION. That snap would worry me to death being to tight and only strung the one loop. Same for the bottle/rope pouch. That’s kind of short changing the molle system purpose. But other than that the bag/pouch is a great accessory. Same for the bottlw/rope pouch. I got two of them as well to see which I like better on the belt part of the platow pack. The webbing used and snaps are heavy duty though and I’m confident in there ability but would be a lot more comfortable with securing through two loops of Molle especially in a tree. I’m pretty hard on equipment I use I only hope these last as long as I hope for. Overall I say it’s good just not great leaves me with that one worry while 20-25 foot up a tree I added two pics of the other pouch but both were the same

Keith McNeal

Camo Square Accessory Pouch

Jonathan Atwell
Camo Square accessory pouch

I needed some more space on my saddle for hunting accessories, and this pouch is perfect! I usually don’t take my backpack up the tree with me, and all I needed was a little extra space. This pouch is perfect! I put wind detection, Trophyline back band, deer urine, extra carabiners, and flashlight all in this pouch. Works great! Thanks Trophyline!

Bonus- I love the original bottomland camo!

Kyle Finegan
Camo Square Pouches

These are way better than your typical dump pouch. Easily operated with one hand. They are molle compatible to plug and play on any setup you may run!

Scott green
Camo square pouch

Great size and seems durable. Matches the saddle and looks great!!!