Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle Kit


Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced saddle hunter. The Covert is the saddle for you!  There's endless amount of fine tuning and adjustability with 33" Rope Bridge.  Giving you a full 360 degree mobility, hunting from a Trophyline Tree Saddle means you can always get into position for that perfect shot.  The Covert Lite Tree Saddle is made of high quality materials which guarantees that you can maneuver silently and give you hours of comfort without stiffness or cramping.

  • Features:

    ➡ Adjustable Waist Buckle
    ➡ Adjustable Leg Straps
    ➡ 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond   Carabiner
    ➡ Slightly taller design for a better lower back support, cupping underneath you and all day comfort
    ➡ Separate Lineman Loops
    ➡ Two rows of Molle attachment system. Some like to hang their accessories high on the saddle and others like to hang them low. We give you choices.

If you want endless amount of flexibility.

If you Want Effortless Comfort. Choose a COVERT

Hang With The Best! 

300 lbs weight capacity


M/L: waist size 28-37

L/XL: waist size 38 – 44+

All the above plus:


➡ Trophyline Covert Lite Tree Saddle
➡ Two Trophyline Accessory Pouches
➡ Trophyline Custom Tree Tether Rope with 5” Sewn eye
➡ Trophyline Custom Lineman’s Rope with sewn tight eye
➡ Black Diamond Screwgate Carabiners


 *Brand new webbing and ropes are stiff at first. They will break in with use.

Patents 8,322,488; 7,909,137; 7,051,836

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Scott VanLue

Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle Kit

Steven James

Climbed a few times already with it and his super comfortable.

Bruce Gentry
Shoulda done this before!

I'm impressed with how comfortable I am in this saddle. I spent 5 hours on Saturday in this saddle with the mission platform and could've easily stayed another 5. At one point I got a hot spot in my lower back but I think it was because my coat was bunched up in my saddle. I readjusted it and was totally fine after that. Very easy to use and built well. People were warning me that with the metal buckles sound would be an issue but it wasn't at all...super quiet and easy to use.

Clayton Tageant
Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle Kit

I love everything about my Covert Lite 2.0 Saddle. Simple and easy to put on and take off, lightweight and very comfortable. I also purchased the Mission Platform and I could not believe how light it was. Everything about the kit is built extremely well and I anticipate it to last very a long time. My order arrived just a few days after I purchased it as well. Overall, I am beyond pleased with my Trophyline saddle.

Kent Armstrong
Hooked on Saddle hunting

Okay so I've only been saddle hunting for 2 yrs now but I was sold the first time I was on stand with one! I have been hunting for over 30 yrs and this is by far the the most versatile way to hunt. Now with that being said there are many reasons why I've stayed with the Trophyline product's, quality, innovation, comfort and performance just to main a few. With 3 different saddles (all Trophyline), 2 platforms soon to have 3 (Onyx), 2 sets of climbing sticks I truly feel like there is not a tree I can't set up in...if it's climbable!!! Lol. I do recommend upgrading to the lineman ascender. I do have 1 of the Kong's but I prefer the Lineman one as I think it is quieter with a carabiner. If there is one down side it is pricing. I'm not saying there products aren't worth it...just wish I had more $ to buy more of there products!! Huge shout out to the Trophyline Team, job well done!!!