Covert Lite Saddle Kit

Purely designed with feedback from our customers.  Utilizing our Ambush Lite design and adding in features that you the customer wanted, we came up with the Covert Lite Saddle.

  • Features:

    ➡ Adjustable Waist Buckle
    ➡ Adjustable Leg Straps
    ➡ 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond   Carabiner
    ➡ Slightly taller design for a better lower back support, cupping underneath you and all day comfort
    ➡ Separate Lineman Loops
    ➡ Two rows of Molle attachment system. Some like to hang their accessories high on the saddle and others like to hang them low. We give you choices.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced saddle hunter. The Covert is the saddle for you!  There's endless amount of fine tuning and adjustability with 33" Rope Bridge.  Giving you a full 360 degree mobility, hunting from a Trophyline Tree Saddle means you can always get into position for that perfect shot.  The Covert Lite Tree Saddle is made of high quality materials which guarantees that you can maneuver silently and give you hours of comfort without stiffness or cramping.

If you want endless amount of flexibility.

If you Want Effortless Comfort. Choose a COVERT

Hang With The Best! 

300 lbs weight capacity


M/L: waist size 28-37

L/XL: waist size 38 – 44+

All the above plus:


➡ Trophyline Covert Lite Tree Saddle
➡ Square Trophyline Accessory Pouch
➡ Round Trophyline Accessory Dump Pouch
➡ Trophyline Custom Tree Tether Rope with 5” Sewn eye
➡ Trophyline Custom Lineman’s Rope with sewn tight eye
➡ Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate Carabiner
➡ Two Black Diamond HotForge Screwgate Carabiners


 *Brand new webbing and ropes are stiff at first. They will break in with use.

Patents 8,322,488; 7,909,137; 7,051,836

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Comfortable and Well Built! USA Made!

Very first initial hang I was a little worried about the hip pinching....BUT once I figured out where to have the lower adjusters set to equalize the pressure, this thing is AMAZING! I have bad lower back pain and the extra height in this saddle, it supports my lower back really well! Also note - the square pouch is really nice however I cut the metal zipper tabs off and used the rope loop that was already attached to the zipper! Zipper metal was clinging. Keep up the great work TL!

Christopher Rinehart
Covert Lite

Bought the covert Lite saddle, the first one cam in with frayed stitches. Contacted trophyline and they had another one ready to go, with no hassle! Started climbing in the saddle and am enjoying it. Looking forward to using it this season. Tip: cut the metal zippers off and use rope.

Brandon Bunch
Covert Saddle

First ever saddle. Very impressed. Took some getting use to but didn’t take long. Really like the saddle! Great product!

ryan q.
Covert lite saddle

The saddle itself is awesome! Very comfortable the only flaw and it’s an easy fix is the pouch that came with this has metal zippers that jingle louder then anything I have ever heard. Cut the zippers off and put rope in and is now perfect.

Tyler Thomas
Great product!

The saddle kit came with everything I needed to get started saddle hunting and even a few bonus stickers. Also I really like the videos you guys have to help get started saddle hunting.