The Wingman Platform

Designed with practicality & swift setup in mind, the Wingman Platform eliminates the need for a stand alone platform.   Utilizing the Wingman Platform as the top stick of your climbing system saves precious time when setting up for your hunt.   If mobility & utility are what you're after, the Wingman has your back.  

➡ Made in the USA
 Overall Dimensions: 11.8" Wide x 8.5" Deep 
➡ Top Surface Dimensions: 11.8" Wide x 5.25" Deep
➡ 25° angled front surface for all day comfort
➡ 17" Overall Stick Length
➡ 15" Step-to-Platform Distance
➡ Weight: 3.5lbs
➡ Cast Aluminum Platform
 Non Slip Ridged grips and texture on top of the platform
➡ Strategic outer edge design for accommodating many different foot placements. 
➡ Stacks neatly with existing Trophyline Mini Sticks
 Easy to use cinch belt
 Fits trees 4" to 22" diameter
 300 Lb weight limit
 Has been tested by ANS/ISO/IEC Independent testing facility.
➡Meets and Exceeds Static Load Capacity Test.
➡Meets and Exceeds Adherence and Static Stability Test.


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Strong, light, and Easy to Use

Great design and product! Whether as a platform or a seat (low height), it fits the bill!

TL Wingman

Some cobra weave, a rope mod and this platform is better than I imagined.Glad I finally purchased one.

Jaime Salisbury
One stick!

Throw on a cam cleat and aider and it’s a great 1 stick!

Joshua Maynard
Wingman platform

Absolutely love my wingman. Simple yet versatile, has definitely helped me step my game up!!

John Huffman
To make it the best

Make the platform flat. I personally dislike the angle. Give hunter’s options to where after they buy the whole setup they can buy different platforms to change out.