Back Band

The best way to add support to your saddle for those long days in the tree. Simply slip back pad around you upper or lower back and under your arms. Clip nylon webbing strap into your Bridge carabiner. Pull side adjustments to adjust length to your liken. Lean back and relax!

➡ Back Padded area is 29" long x 4.75" wide.
➡ Improved side adjustment buckles for quick changes on the fly.  Pull it as tight as you want or let it way out to use like a recliner.
➡ Won't dig into you
➡ Easily rolls up and stuffs away for easy transporting

Customer Reviews

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Clint Crain
Lazy Boy of Saddle Hunting

I was in a horrific car wreck 8 years ago, and it changed my life forever. No more recurve, no more golf swing, really no more a lot of things. I was a spot and stalk man mostly, but if I was in a stand, I sat from dark to dark. It's just how I was. After my wreak, I could not bow hunt anymore and setting in a stand for more than four hours was impossible. I started Saddle hunting last year and believe it our not, it was great. very little back pain, though after a really long sit, by back would start firing. Now that I have the Trophyline Back Band, its game over! My Dark to Dark days will be back! It is crazy comfortable and takes away any back discomfort I had. So simple, but so effective!

Tyler Chambers
Perfect addition

This is one of my favorite accessories in my set up. The width of this band gives the back relief needed on those long sits. It also folds up and stores very well

Shannon Boozer

Not got to try it yet

Jonathan Atwell
Trophyline Backband

Any hunt longer than 4 hours tends to leave my back a little sore. I purchased this back band and it was a game changer! I sat for 10 hours straight and this back band was a must! If folded correctly, it fits inside trophylines square pouch!
Thanks Trophyline!

Joshua Gibb

I have been unable to use it since I have received it. But the customer service has been next to none in replacing my broken one