The Wingman Platform

Designed with practicality & swift setup in mind, the Wingman Platform eliminates the need for a stand alone platform.   Utilizing the Wingman Platform as the top stick of your climbing system saves precious time when setting up for your hunt.   If mobility & utility are what you're after, the Wingman has your back.  

➡ Made in the USA
 Overall Dimensions: 11.8" Wide x 8.5" Deep 
➡ Top Surface Dimensions: 11.8" Wide x 5.25" Deep
➡ 25° angled front surface for all day comfort
➡ 17" Overall Stick Length
➡ 15" Step-to-Platform Distance
➡ Weight: 3.5lbs
➡ Cast Aluminum Platform
 Non Slip Ridged grips and texture on top of the platform
➡ Strategic outer edge design for accommodating many different foot placements. 
➡ Stacks neatly with existing Trophyline Mini Sticks
 Easy to use cinch belt
 Fits trees 4" to 22" diameter
 350 Lb weight limit
 Has been tested by ANS/ISO/IEC Independent testing facility.
➡Meets and Exceeds Static Load Capacity Test.
➡Meets and Exceeds Adherence and Static Stability Test.


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Matthew Maddy
Best One Stick

Love the Wingman for one sticking. Size and weight are perfect. It’s my go to

Great Platform

Excellent product and very sturdy. Purchased to convert to a one stick. Holds sold with zero slip. One of the best in my opinion.

Andrew S Elliott
Wingman Platform for saddle hunting.

The platform is great, have used it on probably fifteen hunts. The platform grips to the tree very well and allows you to move around the platform without any unnecessary movement or sliding on the tree. The angled part of the platform is great and allows you to sit in the saddle with your knees against the tree very comfortably. The bottom of the platform is very useful when setting it up because it gives you an extra step and allows you to lock it in really well, I find this especially useful since I use climbing spurs to get up into a tree and not sticks. The only complaint I have is I noticed that the bottom screw that connects the teeth to the platform is bending which is causing the teeth to not grip into the tree at a straight angle. I am only 5ft 11inches and 185 pounds and this platform is rated well beyond that. I have to keep bending the screw back so it is straight after every hunt. But overall this platform is fantastic and I would buy again.

Brian Brady
Wingman Conversation

Converted to be a one stick. It bites to the tree great. Can put side pressure on it. Never slipped on the two oak trees I was on.

Hunter Wasmund
Great purchase

Well built, sturdy platform!
Was nervous about the platform being above the button.. but absolutely no issues side loading it.