The EDP Platform

How do you follow up the best built platform ever - The Mission. You make it smaller, lighter and stronger. Introducing the Strongest, Sturdiest and most Durable platform EVER BUILT!! Meet The EDP. The Everyday Platform. 

➡ Made in the USA
 13.5" wide x 13" deep
➡ One piece Cast Aluminum Platform
 Weight: 3 lb 13 ounces
 Platform Leveling System
 Offset Bracket
 Easy to use cinch belt
 Fits trees 4" to 22" diameter
 Non Slip Ridged grips and texture on top of the platform.
 Boot Grabs on the outer edge
 Folds Flat with no metal on metal contact
➡ Strategic outer edge design for accommodating many different foot placements. 
 300 Lb weight limit
 Has been tested by ANS/ISO/IEC Independent testing facility.
➡Meets and Exceeds Static Load Capacity Test.
➡Meets and Exceeds Adherence and Static Stability Test.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Impeccable Customer service

I meant to order the EDP platform for my nephew. I received the confirmation email and realized I ordered the wrong platform. So I followed the steps sent a text message to the number provided and before I could sit my phone down I received a text back saying “I can edit your order for you”. I asked if I need to change anything. They said no, you are all good. So I went into my e mail to see if my order was updated, to my surprise customer service already updated the order within a few minutes of me placing the original order. Really impressed with them on how they handle there customers. Will definitely buy from them again.

Compact and Plenty of Room!

I won the EDP platform at the Working Class Bowhunter shewt this year and I have been playing around with this platform and this one is amazing! There is plenty of foot room and grip for my feet! It packs away in my pack perfectly!

Nicholas Brand
Great investment

This is my second saddle set up and my first from trophyline. Very pleased with trophy line. Comfortable saddle, great ropes, and the edp platform is top notch. 100% satisfied, would definitely recommend

Jason Wright

This platform is light, small and sticks to the tree like a spiderweb! I love it!

Compact and lightweight

I have not used yet, but is lightweight and should be easy to transport. Look forward to using this Fall.