The Onyx Platform

ONYX - from the Ancient Greek ὄνυξ, meaning "claw" 

The Onyx is a saddle platform that simply has it all. It is a fusion of our EDP, Mission, and Wingman platforms, and results in perfect size and function. The Onyx contains an Angled Perimeter -  angles on each side of the platform, with built-in non-slip ridges, containing the ideal contact points for foot placement and comfort when leaning, rolling to stand, or turning to shoot your weak side. The Platform also was built with the newClaw Design - a singlecast post, standoff, and stomp pad built and integrated together.

The Onyx is the end of the platform debate, everything you could ever want from a saddle platform. 

Patent Pending

  • Overall Dimensions: 14.9" W X 13"D
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Complete Angled Perimeter w/ Non-Slip Ridge Grips
  • Claw Design - Single cast post, stomp pad, and standoff
  • Platform Leveling System
  • Folds flat
  • 300lb Weight Limit
  • Easy to use Cinch Belt
  • Fits trees 4" to 22" Diameter
  • Has been tested by ANS/ISO/IEC Independent testing facility
  • Meets and Exceeds Static Load Capacity Test
  • Meets and Exceeds Adherence and Static Stability Test
The Perfect Fusion
We fused the EDP and Mission Platform sizes with the angles of the Wingman to produce the platform with the ideal size and function…this Platform has it all.
Angled Perimeter
All 3 sides of the platform are angled with non-slip ridges for maximum contact and foot comfort in any position.
CLAW Design
New design with a single cast post containing the stomp pad and standoff.


Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
On point

So real quick. This platform is far better than the previous brands I have used. The first reason is the ease of use and stability. It bites into the tree without having to adjust and adjust and adjust. Once and done. The other is the size and angle of the platform. Makes standing for hours a heck of a lot easier. Lastly it’s a solid piece of gear. Not heavy. But solid.

Todd Mclean

This platform is super solid and been a pleasant surprise as to how well it bites. I did not think you could get one to bite as good as the mission but you have. Nice work

Joshua Hess
Best platform on the market!

I love this thing. Lightweight. Sturdy. Comfortable! You can’t ask for more.

Joshua New

Bits great love the angle sides great for all day lean just wish it was a little lighter

Jacob Fullbright
Almost perfect

The pack is great but missing a few things in my opinion. First off, the shoulder straps are supper loud when you cinch them down in the field as you prepare to climb. Second, the bag needs 2 straps on the bottom as an alternative way to pack the sticks on. And third, the platform area needs a bigger “flap” to accommodate the onyx platform which I have.