Covert Prime Saddle


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Tradition meets Innovation with the Limited Edition Covert Prime Tree Saddle.

The Covert Prime utilizes the successful framework of our Covert Series, with one major change.  The main construction of the Covert Prime is now comprised of premium leather to provide a traditional & rugged feel.  Just like a favorite pair of boots, this saddle will break in with use to perfectly conform to each user's unique frame.  This Limited Edition features a branded Trophyline logo & is uniquely serialized (1 of 500, 2 of 500...500 of 500), making it truly one of a kind.   

With only 500 ever to exist, you do not want to miss your chance at owning this unique design paying homage to Trophyline & Tree Saddle hunting's roots. 


➡ Adjustable Waist Buckle
➡ Adjustable Leg Straps
➡ 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge. Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond Carabiner
➡ Slightly taller design for a better lower back support, cupping underneath you and all day comfort
➡ Separate Lineman Loops
➡ Two rows of Molle attachment system. Some like to hang their accessories high on the saddle and others like to hang them low. We give you choices.

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced saddle hunter. The Covert Prime is the saddle for you!  There's endless amount of fine tuning and adjustability with 33" Rope Bridge.  Giving you a full 360 degree mobility, hunting from a Trophyline Tree Saddle means you can always get into position for that perfect shot.  The Covert Prime Tree Saddle is made of high quality materials which guarantees that you can maneuver silently and give you hours of comfort without stiffness or cramping. 3.1 lbs with bridge band carabiner. 

If you want an endless amount of Flexibility & Durability,

If you want Unique Comfort & a One of a Kind Experience, Choose a COVERT PRIME. 

Hang With The Best! 

300 lbs weight capacity 

M/L: waist size 28-37
L/XL: waist size 38 – 44+

Pouches sold separately*

Limited Stock Available (500)* 

Limited Edition Products Exempt from Black Friday Promotional Codes* 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Matthew Mason
Comfort and style

Not only does this thing look badass, I almost think it’s little more comfortable than the standard. 10/10 recommend

Kenny S
Covert prime

Owned a ton of saddles(10-15) and have to say this easily one of the most comfortable. The design and material(leather) really distributed the weight throughout the saddle extremely well. Most single panels the rides on the bottom strap and becomes uncomfortable for long sits. That’s gone with this saddle! Highly recommend it.

Eric Bischoff
First saddle

This is my first saddle and I bought with confidence because of the money back guarantee. Love this saddle. I sat in a tree for about four hours on my onestick platform. Love the Molly webbing on the Bach for extra carabiner and lift rope and whatnot. Material is thick and sturdy and I have all the confidence this will last me a lifetime.

Hunter Scribner
Durable and Cozy

I am very happy with this saddle so far. It is my first saddle and was pleasantly surprised by the durability and comfort offered by this saddle. The leather is soft and of great quality. Can't wait to spend more time in this saddle.

Keith C
Perfect Saddle Setup

This is my first season saddle hunting down here in south Florida and its been a real gamechanger. I have scoliosis and deal with constant back pain and issues and since I've made the switch to my Trophyline saddle, I've been able to hunt and sit longer with no pelvic or sciatic pain that I would normally experience sitting in a ladder stand. Plus the extreme mobility of the setup has allowed me to slip into areas I wouldnt be able to easily hunt otherwise and have now managed just this year to break my personal best buck with a bow 3 times in this season alone, each one bigger than the previous.