Trophyline Tree Tether Rope

  • Atlantic Braids rope
  • 7/16 diameter
  • 7,800 lb breaking strength
  • Polyester jacket and nylon core strands
  • Factory 5" sewn eye to reduce bulk
  • Heated sealed ends
  • Stopper knot.
  • Atlantic Braids 5/16" Static Prusik rope
  • 3800 lb Breaking Strength
  • Black Diamond Screwgate Carabiner

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very heavy duty!

I really appreciate the quality of the tree tether, it is super heavy duty and easy to toss around the tree. I added the Kong Ascender to both my tree tether and my bridge to make adjustments quick and easy as the tree tether straps from the original tree saddles that I have hunted with since they were introduced. I would like to see it offered with the Kong Ascender and Black Diamond Rock Lock as a package and I would like to see this package offered in a longer length also. I have frequently hunted in trees that are huge and I am not sure the current length will work on the 'Mother Oaks' in my neck of the [****].

Cody Jones
Tether and lineman’s rope

Great system. Really locks in. Once in the tree you feel really secure.

Dustin Denisiuk
Perfect package

Tether and sewn eye are well constructed. The large diameter rope will make adjustments quick and easy for someone with larger hands. Love the looks and the high quality carabiner!

Julian Ridings
Quality Product

Great rope, has held up awesome for me. Over 150 hunts on it with my ropeman 1.

Nathan Evans
Well done

you could hang your truck from a tree with this thing well done