EDP 'Hang With the Best' Bundle

Everything you need to Hang With the Best in one convenient bundle!  

Covert Lite Saddle Kit:
➡ Adjustable Waist Buckle
➡ Adjustable Leg Straps
➡ 33” Adjustable 3/8” Rope bridge.
➡ Comes with Prusik and Black Diamond Carabiner
➡ Slightly taller design for a better lower back support, cupping underneath you and all day comfort
➡ Separate Lineman Loops
➡ Includes Square Accessory Pouch & Round Dump pouch
➡ Two rows of Molle attachment system. Some like to hang their accessories high on the saddle and others like to hang them low. We give you choices.
➡ Square Trophyline Accessory Pouch
➡ Round Trophyline Accessory Dump Pouch
➡ Trophyline Tree Tether Rope with 5” Sewn eye
➡ Trophyline Lineman’s Rope with sewn tight eye
➡ Black Diamond Screwgate Carabiners
 300 lb weight limit

The EDP Platform: 
➡ Made in the USA
 Powered by Novix Outdoors
 Easy to use cinch belts
 Fits trees 4" to 22" diameter
 13.5" wide x 13" deep Cast Aluminum Platform
 Platform Leveling System
 Offset Bracket
 Non Slip Ridged grips on top of platform
 Strategic outer edge design for accommodating many different foot placements
 Boot Grabs on the outer edge
Folds Flat with no metal on metal contact
 Weighs 3.8 lbs
 300 lb weight limit
Double Step Mini Sticks:
➡ Made in the USA
 Powered by Novix Outdoors
 Easy to use cinch belts
 Fits trees 4" to 22" diameter
 4 Pack
 Pivots V-Bracket Adjust to match the natural contour of the tree
 Single tube design
 Fixed Double Steps
 17" long
 Distance between steps: 15"
 4 Pack Weight: 7.2 lbs
 Per Stick Weight: 1.8 lbs
 350 lb weight limit
➡ Tested by ANS/ISO/IEC Independent testing facility
➡ Meets and Exceeds Static Load Capacity Test
➡ Meets and Exceeds Adherence and Static Stability Test
M/L: waist size 28-37
L/XL: waist size 38 – 44+

Customer Reviews

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jacob schmidt

Works as advertised. No complaints.

Great product

Everything is good quality and saddle is comfortable.