October 16, 2019 2 min read

Team Trophyline Spotlight - Featuring Steven Fuller


By Steven Fuller, The Huntin Grounds, LLC.

As a hunter I don’t think you can have too many tools in your belt, especially when it comes to chasing whitetails.

As patterns and attitudes change throughout the season you have to be able to adapt and you need the correct tools to do so.  To make the hunt even more challenging try hunting multiple states and multiple properties, private and public.  It seems for a simple weekend hunt away from home my truck is packed out as if ten guys are living out of it.

The Trophyline ® Tree Saddle ® is just another tool that I think a lot of hunters should have.  For myself it is going to give me a ton a versatility as to where I can hunt and allow me to do it quickly and quietly. 

On my property I have fixed single stand sets but we are using the Trophyline for the cameraman and it doesn’t hurt to have one sitting around for those days no stand is right and you know the perfect spot and you want to just climb up a tree.  As for when we travel and are hunting friends properties or public land its a huge game changer!  It gives us so much versatility in where we are hunting.

No more just sitting in fixed stands that aren’t in the right place for that time of year, instead any tree could be the tree we climb and harvest out of. 

For myself and my team we think this is a tool that should be in every hunters tool belt and is a game changer. 


Team Trophyline Spotlight - Featuring Steven Fuller


Team Trophyline Spotlight - Featuring Steven Fuller