Ambassador Feature: Jeff Malara

By: Team Trophyline ®

Jeff Malara is a brand ambassador for Trophyline ® and promotes our products on his Instagram, @hangtime10940. He has tried other tree saddles ® in the past, but that only lasted a few weeks before he was back in the field with Trophyline ®. “Trophyline ® was created by hunters who were looking for a better way,” Malara said.

Comfort is Everything

He has been saddle hunting with Trophyline ® tree saddles ® for four seasons and endorses their comfort wholeheartedly, acknowledging that Trophyline ® has never sacrificed comfort. He credits the hammock style design as what makes Trophyline ® tree saddles ® so comfortable.

“Nothing is more important to me than comfort,” Malara said. “I have a bad back and can’t sit in a stand that long. With a tree saddle you’re never truly sitting, so you don’t get back fatigue or pinched muscles.”

Being comfortable not only makes sitting in a tree all day more enjoyable, it helps with your hunting tactics as well. “You can’t be stealthy if you’re uncomfortable; if you’re constantly moving and adjusting,” Malara said. Fidgeting around in your stand might alert deer to your presence. Being comfortable means you’re able to remain still for longer periods of time and lessen the risk of spooking any deer.

Tips and Tricks

Malara’s tips for saddle hunting are to spend time practicing with the saddle before you actually go out in the field. Practice in real conditions and tailor the saddle to you before you hunt.

“Spend time before going hunting getting everything dialed in and practice shots,” Malara said. “Practice setting up and breaking down in the dark. Play with the tether height to see what works for you and find your sweet spot.”

Malara recounts a time that Trophyline ® tree saddles ® allowed him to bag a deer that he wouldn’t have been able to harvest in other stands.

“I was hunting a small farm that had a creek with a tree line,” Malara said. “If you want to hunt that kind of tree line, you need to be on top of the deer. I could never get in there with a regular stand or climber. I used to hunt outside the area and now that I have a tree saddle, I can climb those trees and hide behind them. The quietness of the Trophyline ® tree saddle ® allows me to sneak in and get the shot without worrying about anything rattling. I got a couple of nice bucks doing that.”

Relaunch the Passion

Malara’s followers are excited about the relaunch of Trophyline ®. Some fellow hunters that Malara has been convincing to try tree saddles for the last few years have now made the switch thanks to Trophyline’s ® relaunch. They were hesitant to make the leap to Trophyline ® tree saddles ® when they found out that they weren’t commercially available and that they’d have to find them on eBay. Now that Trophyline ® has relaunched and made themselves available once more, they’ve made the switch.

Trophyline tree saddles will change the way you hunt for the better.

“I can enter the woods in different spots and enter quietly,” Malara said. “I can move closer to bedding areas. Climbers were too bulky and made too much noise. With tree saddles, I can get much closer to bedding areas. The mobility of a tree saddle lets you keep the tree between yourself and approaching deer. If they come from a side you didn’t anticipate, you can sneak around the tree and change location.”

Malara notes that tree saddles allow you to hunt the trees you want, not the trees you’re forced to hunt because of your setup. The options for hunting locations are virtually unlimited.

Follow Malara’s journey on Instagram and keep an eye out for any giveaways or specials on his page.

Visit our shop if you’re interested in trying Trophyline ® tree saddles ® for yourself.

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